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Filippo Antonio De Cecco


Olive Oil

I produce extra virgin olive oil in Trani in the Pouilles region. My family have been making olive oil for almost 140 years. I use only coratina olives that are guaranteed GM-free. From the moment I met Francesca , I realised we had the same vision of quality."

Parma ham

"I produce Parma ham and pancetta in Sala Baganza and I've been working with Francesca for 14 years. My ham reachs maturity in special rooms ventilated by the air of the local hills and woods, giving them their typical taste and their authentic aromas."

Parmigianno Reggiano

"I make Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in Emilia-Romania. My production method is based on the one perfected by Cistercian monks in the 12th century and I follow their recipe on a daily basis. Parmigiano Reggiano is a protected production area and I am proud that Francesca serves my cheese in its restaurants."

Pesto Genoa-style

"I make pesto Genoa-style in Liguria and I use only basil and cheese from a protected production area and my pesto is always made to order. I've been working with Francesca for 12 years and a really trusting relationship reigns between us."


"I'm a tomato-growner near Naples. My produce is grown in the traditional way, in the very noblest meaning of the word, the way we've been producing tomatoes for generations. The tomatoes that have been selected by Francesca are chemical-free and grow naturally in the soilk and open air and are picked at maturity from July to September."


"I made hard durum wheat pasta opposite the Abruzzes mountains. My family has been producing pasta for 6 generations. I use the best cereals available, the pure mountain water and a drying method that has been handed down the generations, based on the slowness of the procedure and on moderate temperatures giving our pasta its texture which is second to none."


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Francesca and Nutrition


Francesca is all about nutritious meals and making each dish part of a balanced diet. This is why we asked a nutritionist to calculate the caloric intake of all our products.

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