Our concept


Delicious and Healthy dishes

  • The products are selected and imported by Francesca directly from Italy
  • 19 fresh sauces simmered by Francesca and inspired by her family recipes
  • Several types of pastas of durum wheat are selected in Italy and cooked al dente 
  • Pastas are accompanied with real Parmigiano Reggiano
  • A wide range of salads , desserts and drinks is offered to comlete the pasta meals making for well-balanced and healthy menus

Served in Fast Food

  • A totally mastered manufacturing process which allows serving pastas perfectly cooked al dente within one minute
  • For the takeaway the portions are served in “cups”, an original and practical packaging which keeps the food warm for at least 20 minutes. When eaten in the pasta is presented in plates

Prices for everyone

  • A copious portion of pastas served with a delicious sauce of real Parmigiano Reggiano costs 4,50 €
  • The full menu is worth a meal voucher

An attractive concept 

  • A simple and fast way of producing top quality range of products continuously
  • Manufacturing processes which allow to eliminate the loss of products (in pastas and sauces)
  •  An easily implemented system which does not require a specialized workforce. An impactant visual image, very recognizable which translates the quality of our products and our identity: the italian conviviality



Our restaurants


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Discover Francesca


Discover the Italian fast food restaurant with its true Italian pastas and luscious sauces developed by Francesca with selected products coming from Italy. 


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