Francesca’s word

“I have neither used preservatives nor artificial aromas to make my sauces. I do not use them and I shall never do so.”

Our Sauces are 100 % fresh and natural and contain:

·No additives
·No preservatives
·No added aromas!

A healthy and safe manufacturing, following traditional family recipes :

Our Sauces are 100 % fresh and natural and contain:

  • no food additive
  • no preservatives
  • no added aroma

We attach a particular importance to products quality which we use and which we propose :

  • Products used for the production of our sauces are of high quality and come for the greater part directly from Italy.
  • Our sauces are fresh, they do not undergo sterilization and this is to guarantee a better flavor.
  • We are very demanding as far as hygiene and food safety is concerned.
  • We have the veterinary approval complying with all the current standards we assure an annual training of the entire staff to certify hygiene. 
  • We practice the annual audit of the best practice of hygiene by an independent body. 
  • All our sauces are analyzed regularly.


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Discover the Italian fast food restaurant with its true Italian pastas and luscious sauces developed by Francesca with selected products coming from Italy. 


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