Our values

Francesca’s values

The fundamental value of our company is respect. It is expressed at a personal level, Francesca’s spirit is translated in the quality of the human relations that it wishes to establish between its employees, partners, suppliers and customers. ” The human factor  is taken very seriously. We try to establish true and long lasting relationships with the people with whom we work. Our objective is to supply our customers with quality and healthy products, that they will consume with pleasure.

Francesca products 

Francesca selects the raw materials which compose her sauces according to criteria of quality and respect. She regularly visits her producers whom she knows well and whom she chose for their know-how. They are often family-run companies, which have been running for three to four generations.
Francesca selects her products for their taste, the way they are cultivated and harvested, the soil quality which ensures the products good quality and not for their price.




Our restaurants


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Discover Francesca


Discover the Italian fast food restaurant with its true Italian pastas and luscious sauces developed by Francesca with selected products coming from Italy. 


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