This dish comes from the culinary tradition of Emilia Romagna, particularly from the city of Bologna, but almost every Italian family possesses a recipe of “lasagne”. The ones you can taste in Francesca restaurants are made following my own father’s recipe, which I personalized in my kitchen throughout the years.

 Lasagna are a festive dish composed of rich ingredients (meat, Parmigiano Reggiano, mozzarella …) and it is necessary to be ready to dedicate time to its preparation. It allows the cook to express their creativity : Lasagna can be made with fish or have spinach mixed in their dough, it can also be made solely of vegetables….

The Italian word “lasagna” is diverted from ancient Greek which means “Cooking tripod”. This word was then employed by the Romans to designate a cooking dish, the “lasanum”. The Italians then used the word to name the dish “lasagna”. Now, the word «lasagna» (lasagne in the plural) does not indicate more than the preparation.

The first references to lasagna date back to the XIIIth century, however the recipes of that time did not include tomatoes which were unknown in Europe back then.

606 kcal