I imagined and created my “polpette” like you find them in our restaurants in order to please all of our customers who wanted meat after a good pasta plate.

I also made up these two recipes (beef or chicken /ricotta) remembering the Saturday lunches I spent with my father and his incomparable “polpette”. All our “polpette” are homemade , their meat is roasted and then mixed in tomato sauce to preserve all of their softness.

With pastas:

  • 6 beef balls: kcal 1415 
  • 6 chicken balls: 857 kcal 
  • 3 beef balls: 878 kcal 
  • 3 chicken balls: 599 kcal 

Without pastas:

  • 6 beef balls: kcal 1140 
  • 6 chicken balls: 582 kcal 
  • 3 beef balls: 603 kcal 
  • 3 chicken balls: 324kcal